About Us

Beyond Oz Productions is a lifestyle and entertainment company, providing top of the line events across Canada.

With a full in house production team, any size event can be produced turn-key. From management & operations, marketing, talent aquisition to world class production.



Expert Production from Small to Large Scale


Fully Customized A-Z Event Management


Multi-Channel Advertising Solutions


Experienced Dedicated Talent Buying Team

Beyond Oz Team

Robert Mattacchione
Chairman & CEO

Robert Mattacchione brings his business expertise and partnership network to make Beyond Oz Productions a recognizable brand across the country. For more than 25 years, Mr. Mattacchione has been a private venture investor leading the development of operational business interests worldwide. From start-up to acquisition, Mr. Mattacchione formulates adaptive strategies, analyzes processes, engages highly-qualified personnel and provides the company vision and leadership throughout the ever changing landscape of business development. With prior experience in TV and film, Mr. Mattacchione understands the key dynamics of the entertainment space while creating opportunities for a clear path to growth and sustainability.

Gabriel Mattacchione

In 2015 Gabriel Mattacchione had a vision to bring a world class EDM music festival experience to the Tri-Cities area. Now Ever After Music Festival attracts more than 30,000 people each day from all over the world. Gabriel’s vision has grown to make Beyond Oz what it is today; a top tier production company with assets such as concert venues, music festivals, and food/drink festivals. Beyond Oz is ever expending and there is much more that Gabriel has planned for the future of the company.

Gabe Petricca

Chief Operations Officer

Tony Hyland

Chief Information Officer

Daniel Petricca

Director of Site Management